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Free ESP Test

copyright © 2014 Scott Owen

Test your ESP abilities to see if you can select the correct row-members more often than would be expected if your selections were random.
This test operates in two modes: pre-select or post-select. In the default pre-select mode, the row-members are randomly selected before you make your selections.
In post-select mode, the row-members are randomly selected after you've made your selections.

- test currently in pre-select mode -
One grey box in each row has been randomly pre-selected to contain a "" when you press the Done button.
In other words, as you read this, the placement of the "" in each row has already been determined.

In a peaceful space with no distractions, concentrate on each row, then select the row-member which you sense was pre-selected. Take as much time as you want - there is no rush.
You can make your selections in any order and you can change your selections at any time prior to pressing the Done button, which will be enabled when you have selected one from each of the rows.
When you are satisfied with your selections, press the Done button to reveal the pre-selected positions along with your results.
The row-members you selected will turn green if your selection matches the pre-selection, or red if your selection does not match the pre-selection.
You can press New Test to try again with a new set.

Hint: try a test with a large number of rows (up to 100) to get a statistically more significant result.

If taken repeatedly and/or with a large number of rows, then - with this number of row-members - a consistent/average score above 25% would be an indication that your selections are not simply random.

Rows: Row-members:
Pre-select row-members

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