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My last name is “Owen”, which is Welsh, but my blood is mostly Gaelic (Scottish and Irish).

The source for over 700 people in this tree is a document which was in my mother's possession, showing the descendants of the Honourable Hugh Bell. This document was originally compiled in 1956, and I have updated it to include my immediate family. I have also done research to extend the trees of my father (Samuel Owen), my mother's father (Cecil Angus Milloy) and my mother's mother's father (Alexander Robinson).

The above-mentioned document listed as its sources the following:
Sources for older dates have included extant copies (made by John A. Bell in the 1880's or earlier) of records from the family bible of Hon. Hugh Bell & from the bible of Mary Robinson Bell, with continuations maintained by himself; a copy (formerly in possession of Minnie M. Bell) of the record from family bible of William L. Bell; records from a Handley bible and from the John M. Hay family bible, together with tombstone inscriptions and records from old newspapers. The family bible of Joseph Bell, with entries continued by his daughter, Minnie M. Bell, until her death, provide nearly a centruy of complete records covering all lines of descent from him. Later data in all the above-indicated branches of descent, and data for the two or three branches not touched by the above-listed sources, have been obtained from members of the branches concerned. Definite names and dates have been entered here only in so far as they have appeared to be conclusively authenticated by actual records.

I am very interested in receiving updates/aditions to my direct ascestors (I am not interested in further expanding the tree downwards, only upwards).

A GEDCOM file is available upon request for persons with a legitimate family interest. In your request, please specify what your interest is, and what you plan to do with the GEDCOM file.
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Below are just a couple of highlights:

My great great great great great grandfather (on my mother’s side), was Samuel Bell. Samuel was a Scotsman, who volunteerd for the British Army, to fight for the King against the Americans, at the time of the American Revolutionary War. Samuel is recorded as being in Halifax from 1769 through 1776. In August of 1781, when land grants in Nova Scotia were being made to Loyalist volunteers, Samuel received 200 acres on Windsor Road, near Halifax. He moved there, with his wife Ann Cross, and son, Hugh Bell, in 1782. Hugh, born in Ireland in 1780, was about two years old at the time.

Hugh Bell
Hugh Bell

Hugh Bell was not only Mayor of Halifax from 1844 to 1845 but, much more significantly, he was a member of the first cabinet in Joseph Howe’s “Responsible Government”. Furthermore, Hugh lobbied for, and realised, improved mental healthcare for the mentally ill, and founded the Mount Hope Asylum for the Insane, which later became the Nova Scotia Hospital.

Again on my mother’s side (but not a descendent of Bell) is my great grandfather, Alexander Robinson. Alexander was born and raised in New Brunswick, then studied the classics at Dalhousie University in Halifax, and moved to British Columbia in the late 1890's, to become Principal of Vancouver Highschool.

Alexander Robinson
Alexander Robinson

He, together with his friend W. C. Brown QC, pioneered the “moving picture business” in Vancouver. By 1899, he was the Provincial Superintendent of Education, and was responsible for huge changes and improvements to education in British Columbia. He was instrumental in the establishment of the University of British Columbia, and served as a member of its Senate.

My grandfather, Cecil Angus Milloy - who married Alexander Robinson’s daughter Prudence - joined the 16th Overseas Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force in September 1914, and was the first Canadian soldier of the battalion wounded in action in WWI. He was sent back to Canada, but in June 1916 enlisted again, this time for the 211th Battalion, and was sent back to Europe, where he transferred back to his old unit, the 16th Battalion.

And here's a video of a pocket watch which belonged to my great great grandmother, Elizabeth E. Milloy, néé Bothwell.

It's an American Waltham Watch Co. pocket watch, serial #7204914, made in 1897/8. Originally given to my great great grandmother, Elizabeth Eliza Milloy, néé Bothwell, in 1898. Passed down to her daughter, Eunice Viola Breadin, néé Milloy, then to my mother, Prudence Elizabeth Owen, néé Milloy. Still in perfect working order after 113+ years.

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